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Baby Boy Names - D

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Dale Old English Little Valley
Dallas Gaelic Wise
Dalton Anglo Saxon Valley Estate
Damon Anglo Saxon Day of the Week
Daniel Hebrew God Judges
Dante Italian Long Lasting
Darcy Celtic Dark
Darian Persian Wealthy
Darell French Beloved
David Hebrew Beloved One
Davin Scandinavian Bright
Dean French Great Leader
Delmar Old French Mariner
Denley Old English From the Valley Meadow
Dennis French Wild or Crazy
Derek Teutonic Great Ruler
Derwin Old English Friend of Wild Animals
Desmond Anglo Saxon Gracious Protector
Devin Celtic A Poet
Dexter Latin Dexterous
Dillon Celtic Faithful
Dion Greek Short for Dionysus
Dirk Teutonic Ruler of People
Dixon Teutonic Powerful Ruler
Dominic Latin Belonging to the Lord
Donald Scottish Ruler of the World
Dorian Greek A Dorian
Douglas Scottish Dark
Doyle Celtic Stranger
Drake Latin Dragon
Drew German Trustworthy
Driscoll Celtic Interpreter
Dudley Old English Residence Name
Duke Latin Leader
Duncan Celtic Dark Skinned Warrior
Durwin Anglo Saxon Beloved Friend
Dwayne British Field or Meadow
Dwight Teutonic White or Fair

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