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Baby Boy Names - J

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Jack **** Nick Name for John
Jacob Hebrew Conqueror
Jamal Arabic Camel
James, Jimmy English Form of Jacob
Jared Hebrew He Who Descends
Jarvis Teutonic Keen as the Spear
Jason, Jay Hebrew God is my Savior
Jasper Persian Bearer of Treasure
Jean French John
Jed Hebrew Beloved of the Lord
Jeffrey Teutonic Peace Bringer
Jeremiah, Jeremy Hebrew God Exalts
Jerold Teutonic Mighty with the Spear
Jerome Greek Of Sacred Name
Jesse Hebrew Gift Giver
Job Hebrew The Persecuted
Joel Hebrew God's Willingness
John Hebrew God is Gracious
Jonas Hebrew Dove
Jonathan Hebrew God's Gift
Jordan Hebrew Flow Down
Joseph, Joey, Joe Hebrew God Multiplies
Joshua Hebrew God is my Salvation
Juliun, Julius Greek Colored Hair
Justin Latin Just

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