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Baby Boy Names - Y

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Yadid Hebrew Friend, Beloved
Yadon Hebrew He will judge
Yakov Russian Form of Jacob
Yale Old English Vigorous
Yana Native American Bear
Yancy American Name for Englishman
Yanni Greek Form of John
Yardan Arabic King
Yardley Old English Enclosed Meadow
Yaron Hebrew He will Sing
Yasashiku Japanese Gentle, Polite
Yash Hindi Victorious, Glory
Yashwant Hindi Glorious
Yasin Arabic Prophet
Yasir Afghani Humble
Yates Old English Gates
Yeoman English Attendent
Yervant Armenian King
Yeshaya Hebrew Gift
Yestin Welsh Just
Yo Cambodian Honest
Yohann German Form of Johan
Yong Chinese Courageous
York English Boar Estate
Yoshi Japanese Adopted Son
Yu Chinese Universe
Yule English Born at Christmas
Yuma Native American Son of a Chief
Yuri Russian Form of George
Yves Scandinavian Archer

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