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Baby Boy Names - Z

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Zachariah Hebrew Remembered by the Lord
Zachary Hebrew Remember the Lord
Zebadiah Hebrew Gift of the Lord
Zafir Arabic Victorious
Zahid Arabic Self-denying
Zahir Arabic Shining, Bright
Zaid Arabic Increase, Growth
Zaide Hebrew Older
Zaim Arabic Brigadier General
Zakariyya Arabic Prophet
Zaki Arabic Bright, Pure
Zakia Swahili Intelligent
Zale Greek Sea-Strength
Zalmai Afghani Young
Zalman Yiddish Form of Solomon
Zamir Hebrew Song, Bird
Zan Itailian Clown
Zander Greek Form of Alexander
Zane English Form of John
Zareb African Protector
Zared Hebrew Ambush
Zebediah Hebrew God's Gift
Zeeman Dutch Seaman
Zeke Aramaic Shooting Star
Zeki Turkish Clever
Zelgai Afghani Heart
Zelimir Slavic Wishes for Peace
Zemar Afghani Lion
Zen Japanese Religious
Zeno Greek Cart, Harness
Zero Arabic Empty, Void
Zeroun Armenian Wise, Respected
Zeshawn American Form of Shawn
Zimraan Arabic Praise
Zinan Japanese Second Son
Zion Hebrew Sign
Ziv Hebrew Shining Brightly
Ziven Slavic Vigorous
Zorba Greek Live each day
Zuriel Hebrew God is my rock

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