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Baby Girl Names - C

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Caitlin Welsh Form of Catherine
Calista Greek Most Beautiful
Camille French Swiftness of Foot
Candace Greek Glowing
Cara Italian Darling
Carissa French Tender Touch
Carlin **** Short for Caroline
Carla Anglo Saxon Feminine of Charles
Carlotta Italian Form of Charlotte
Carly *** Form of Carol
Carmel Hebrew Woodland
Carmen Spanish Crimson or Red
Carrie, Caroline French Song of Joy
Cherise French Cherry
Catherine Greek Pure
Celeste Latin Heavenly
Chantal Latin Song
Charity Latin Affection
Charlene French Small Beauty
Chelsea Old English Harbor
Cheryl French Beloved
Chloe Greek Blooming
Christine Latin Christian Faith
Clarissa Latin Clear
Coral, Cora Greek Small Stone
Courtney French King's Attendent
Cynthia Greek Moon Goddess

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