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Baby Girl Names - D

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Dakota Native American Friend
Damita Spanish Little Princess
Danica Slavic Morning Star
Danielle Hebrew Feminine of Daniel
Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Daria Persian Queenly
Darlene Anglo Saxon Tenderly Beloved
Davida Hebrew Feminie of David
Dawn Anglo Saxon Breaking of Day
Deborah Hebrew The Bee
Deirdre Gaelic Sorrow
Delilah Hebrew Pining with Desire
Demetria Greek Goddess of Harvest
Denise French Form of Dennis
Desiree French Desired
Devin Gaelic Poet
Diana, Diane Roman Mythology Virgin Goddes of the Moon
Dinah Hebrew Judged, Vindicated
Dione Greek Mythology Mother of Aphrodite
Dominica Latin The Lord's
Dominique French Belonging to God
Donna Latin Lady or Mistress
Dora Greek A Gift
Dori French Golden-Haired
Doris Greek Of the Sea
Drucilla Greek Dewey Eyes
Dulcea Latin Sweetness
Durene Latin Everlasting

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