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Baby Girl Names - E

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Ebony Greek Strength
Eda Anglo Saxon Wealthy
Eden Hebrew Paradise
Effie Greek Melodious Chatter
Echo Greek Return of Sound
Edana Celtic Fiery
Edeline Teutonic Noble, Good Cheer
Eden Hebrew Delightful
Edith Teutonic Rich Gift
Edlyn Anglo Saxon Noblewoman
Edna Hebrew Pleasure
Edolie Teutonic Noble, Good Cheer
Edwina Anglo Saxon Valuable Friend
Effie Greek Of Fair Fame
Eileen Greek Light
Elaine Greek Light
Elberta Teutonic Nobly Brilliant
Eldora Spanish Gilded
Eldoris Greek Of the Sea
Eleanor Greek Light
Elektra Greek Bright Light
Elena Greek Form of Helen
Elga Anglo Saxon Elfin Spear
Elise French Form of Elizabeth
Eliza Old French, Latin The Chosen
Elizabeth Hebrew God's Oath
Ella Anglo Saxon Elfin
Ellen Greek Light
Elma Greek Amiable
Eloise Teutonic Famous in Battle
Elsie Anglo Saxon Gaiety
Elvira Latin White, Fair
Emeline Teutonic Industrious
Emily Latin Ambitious
Emma Teutonic Ancestress
Erika Norse Powerful, Regal
Erline, Erlina Anglo Saxon The Elfin
Ernestine Teutonic Intent in Purpose
Esmeralda English Green Gemstone
Erin Irish Old Name of Ireland
Estelle Latin A Star
Estra Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring
Ethel Teutonic Noble
Eudora Greek Delightful Gift
Eugenia Greek Well Born
Eunice Greek Happily Victorious
Euphemia Greek Of Fair Fame
Eva Hebrew Life
Eve Hebrew Life
Evangelina Greek Angel
Evelyn, Eve Hebrew Life Giving

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