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Baby Girl Names - F

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Faith Greek Faith and Devotion
Fannie Teutonic Free
Farica Teutonic Peaceful Ruler
Farrah, Fara Middle English Beautiful One
Fatima Arabic Daughter of the Prophet
Faustine Latin Fortunate
Fawn Latin A Baby Deer
Faye Old French Fairy
Fedora Greek Divine Gift
Felicia Latin Happy
Fern Old English From a Fern Plant
Fidelity Latin Faithfulness
Fifine, Fifi Hebrew He Shall Add
Fiona Celtic Pretty
Flavia Latin Blonde
Fleta Teutonic Swift
Fleur French-Latin Flower
Flora Latin Flower
Floria Latin Flowering
Frances Teutonic Free
Francesca Teutonic Free
Francine Teutonic Free
Freda, Frida Teutonic Peaceful
Frederica Teutonic Peaceful Ruler
Fulvia Latin Blonde

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