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Baby Girl Names - J

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Jacinda Greek Hyacinth Flower
Jacinta Greek Lovely
Jacqueline French Feminine of Jack
Jade Spanish Jewel
Jamie English Feminine of James
Jane Hebrew God's Gracious Gift
Janet Scottish Variant of Jane
Janice **** Variant of Jane
Jasmine Persian Flower
Jazlyn, Jazzy **** Variant of Jasmine
Jeanne French Form of Joan
Jeanelle **** Variant of Jean
Jemima Hebrew A Dove
Jennifer Celtic White Wave
Jessica, Jessie Hebrew Woman of Wealth
Jewel French Precious Gem
Jillian, Jill Latin Young Child
Joan Hebrew God's Gracious Gift
Jocelyn, Joyce Old English Just
Joanna, Johanna Hebrew God's Gracious Gift
Josephine Hebrew He Shall Add
Joy Old French Delight
Juanita Spanish Form of Johanna
Judith, Judy Hebrew Praised
Juliana, Julia Latin Youthful
Julie **** Form of Julia
Juliet **** Form of Julia, Little
June Latin Youthful
Justine Latin Just

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