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Baby Girl Names - M

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Mabel Latin Amiable
Madeline Hebrew The Tower
Madge Greek A Pearl
Madison English Former Surname
Magdalene Hebrew A Tower
Maggie Greek A Pearl
Mahalia Hebrew Affection
Maia **** Star Name
Maisie Greek Precious
Malva Greek Soft
Manda Latin Loveable
Mandy Spanish Harmony
Mara Hebrew Sorrowful
Marcella Latin Warlike
Marcia **** Feminine of Marcus, Mark
Margaret Greek A Pearl
Margot French Variant of Margaret
Marguerite French Pearl
Maria Latin, Polish Form of Mary
Marian Old French Form of Mary
Maribel Hebrew-Latin Mary the Beautiful
Marie French Form of Mary
Marilyn **** Form of Mary
Marnia Latin Maid of the Sea
Marissa Latin Sea Born
Marta Aramean Lady or Mistress
Martha Aramean Lady or Mistress
Martina Latin Warlike
Marvela Latin Marvelous
Mary Latin (middle ages) Star of the Sea
Matilda Teutonic Mighty in Battle
Maude Teutonic Mighty in Battle
Maura Latin Dark
Maureen Latin The Dark
Mavis Celtic Song-Thrush
Maxine Latin The Greatest
Megan Greek Great
Melanie Greek Dark-Haired
Melinda Anglo Saxon Grateful
Melissa Greek Honey Bee
Melita Greek Honey Sweet
Melody Greek Of Song
Melvina Celtic Handmaiden
Mercy, Merci French-Latin Compassionate
Meris Latin Sea Born
Merle Latin Blackbird
Michelle French Feminine of Michael
Mildred Anglo Saxon Gentle
Millicent Teutonic Strength
Mimi Teutonic Strong Opponent
Minerva Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Mirabelle Latin-French Of Wondrous Beauty
Miranda Latin Admirable
Miriam Hebrew Rebellious
Misty Old English Covered in Mist
Moira Celtic The Great
Molly **** Variant of Mary
Mona Teutonic-Latin Solitary
Monica Latin Counselor
Mora Spanish Blueberry
Morgan Welsh Sea's Edge
Muriel Arabic Myrrh
Myra Latin Wonderful
Myrtle Greek The Myrtle

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