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Baby Girl Names - S

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Sabra Hebrew Cactus Plant
Sabrina, Brina English Goddess of Severn River
Sacha Greek Helper of Mankind
Sachi Japanese Girl Child
Sadie Hebrew Princess
Salena Latin Salt
Sally Hebrew Princess
Salome Hebrew Asked of God
Samantha Hebrew Listener
Samara Hebrew Watch or Outlook
Samuela Hebrew Asked of God
Sandra Greek Helper of Mankind
Sapphire Hebrew Precious Gem
Sarah Hebrew True Princess
Sarita Variant of Sarah Little Princess
Scarlett English Red
Sela Hebrew A Rock
Selene, Selena Greek The Moon
Selima Hebrew Peaceful
Selma Arabic Secure
Septima Latin The Seventh
Seraphine, Serafina Hebrew Burning or Ardent
Serena Latin Serene
Shana Hebrew Beautiful
Shannon Gaelic Wise
Sharon Hebrew Plains
Shawn **** Feminine of John
Sheba Arabic Biblical Queen
Sheila Irish Divine Place
Shirley Old English From the White Meadow
Sibley Anglo Saxon Related or Family
Sibyl, Sybil Greek Wise or Prophetic
Sidra Latin Starlike
Silver Anglo Saxon White
Simona Hebrew Heard
Sirena Greek A Siren

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