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Baby Girl Names - T

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Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Talia Greek Blooming
Tamara, Tamar Hebrew Palm Tree
Tammy Hebrew Perfect
Tanya Russian Fairy Queen
Tara Gaelic Tower
Tasha **** Short for Natasha
Tatum English Spirited
Templa Latin Temple or Sanctuary
Teresa, Teri Greek Harvester
Tertia Latin The Third
Tess Greek Harvester
Thadine Hebrew Praised
Thalia Greek Joy or Blooming
Thea Greek Divine
Thelma Greek Nursing
Theodora Greek Divine Gift
Theola Greek The Divine
Thirza Hebrew Delightful
Thomasina Hebrew The Twin
Thora Teutonic Thunder
Tiffany Greek Appearance of a God
Tilda Teutonic Maid of Battles
Timothea Greek Honoring God
Tina Latin Little One
Toinette Latin Beyond Praise
Tonia Latin Beyond Praise
Tracy Gaelic Fighter
Tressa Greek Harvester
Trina Greek Pure
Trista Latin The Sorrowful
Trixie, Trix Latin She Who Blesses
Tuesday English Day of the Week
Tyne Old English River

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