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Baby Girl Names - U

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U Korean Gentle
Udele Anglo Saxon Rich or Prosperous
Ula Celtic Jewel of the Sea
Ulani Hawaiian Cheerful
Ulima Arabic Astute, Wise
Ulrica Teutonic Ruler of All
Ultima Latin Last, Endmost
Ululani Hawaiian Heavenly Inspiration
Ulva German Wolf
Uma Hindi Mother
Umay Turkish Hopeful
Umeko Japanese Patient
Una Latin One, United
Undine Latin Of the Waves
Unity English Unity
Unn Norwegian She who is loved
Unna German Woman
Urania Greek Heavenly
Urbana Latin City Dweller
Urit Hebrew Bright
Ursa Greek Form of Ursula
Ursula Greek Little Bear
Usha Hindi Sunrise
Ushi Chinese Ox
Uta German Rich

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