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Baby Girl Names - Z

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Zabrina American Form of Sabrina
Zada Arabic Fortunate
Zafina Arabic Victorious
Zafirah Arabic Successful
Zahar Hebrew Daybreak
Zahavah Hebrew Golden
Zahra Swahili Flower
Zakia Swahili Smart
Zalika Swahili Born to Royalty
Zaltana Native American High Mountain
Zandra Greek Helper of Mankind
Zaneta Hebrew God's Gracious Gift
Zanthe Greek Form of Xanthe
Zara Arabic Glorious Dawn
Zarifa Arabic Successful
Zasha Russian Form of Sasha
Zawati Swahili Gift
Zayit Hebrew Olive
Zaynah Arabic Great
Zea Latin Grain
Zelda German Variant of Griselda
Zelene English Sunshine
Zelia Spanish Sunshine
Zelma German Form of Selma
Zemirah Hebrew Song of Joy
Zenda Persian Sacred
Zenia Greek Hospitable
Zenobia Greek Zeus-Born
Zera Hebrew Seeds
Zerdali Turkish Wild Apricot
Zerlina Latin, Spanish Beautiful Dawn
Zerrin Turkish Golden
Zetta Portuguese Rose
Zhen Chinese Chaste
Zia Latin Grain
Zigana Hungarian Gypsy Girl
Zilla Hebrew Shadow
Zilya Russian Form of Theresa
Zimra Hebrew Song of Praise
Zinnia German Flower
Zita Spanish Little Rose
Ziva Hebrew Bright, Radiant
Zoe Greek Life Giving

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