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Italian Baby Boy Names

Italian baby boy names and their meaning

    Agosto - Venerable, the exalted one.
    Alessandro - The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
    Allighiero - A noble spear.
    Angelo - An angel or saintly messenger.
    Antonio - Worthy of praise.
    Armando - Of the army.
    Aronne - Exalted.
    Carlo - A free man.
    Ciro - The name of the founder of the Persian empire. From the name Cyrus.
    Claudio - The lame one.
    Cristiano - A follower of Christ. A Christian.
    Dante - Enduring, steadfast. Also see Durant.
    Dino - Latin: A religious official. Old English: From the valley.
    Ehno - A protector.
    Emilio - Industrious. The masculine form of Emily.
    Enrico - The ruler of the home or estate.
    Enzo - From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels. From the name Lorenzo.
    Ercole - From the exceptionally strong mythological hero (Hercules).
    Ermanno - A man of the army.
    Este - From the east.
    Ettore - To hold fast. The name of a Trojan hero in classical mythology.
    Fedele - Faithful.
    Federico - A peaceful ruler.
    Filippo - A lover of horses.
    Geronimo - A sacred or holy name.
    Giacobbe - Italian form of Jacob. Held by the heel.
    Giacomo - The supplanter.
    Gianni - Italian form of John. God is gracious.
    Gino - Short for names ending with Gino.
    Giordano - Flowing down, as in the River Jordan.
    Giovanni - God is gracious.
    Giraldo - A spear warrior. Also see Garrett and Gerard.
    Giulio - A Roman family name, possibly meaning youthful. Born in July.
    Giuseppe - Italian form of Joseph. God shall add.
    Gugliehno - A strong and resolute protector.
    Guido - The wide one, or from the wood.
    Ilario - Cheerful.
    Leonardo - As brave as a lion.
    Lorenzo - From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels.
    Lothario - A famous warrior.
    Lucio - Light. Also see Luzio and Luke.
    Luigi - A famous warrior.
    Luzio - Light. Also see Luke.
    Marcello - From Marcus, which relates to Mars, the God of war. Also see Marius and Martin.
    Marco - From Marcus, which relates to Mars, the God of war. Also see Marius and Martin.
    Massimo - The greatest.
    Michelangelo - From Hebrew: Michael the angel. The first name of the famous artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.
    Napoleon - Lion of the woods; from the city of Naples.
    Neroli - Orange blossom.
    Nico - The victory of the people.
    Nino - God is gracious. From the name Gianni and Giovanni.
    Nuncio - A messenger.
    Orazio - From a Roman family name.
    Orfeo - A name from ancient mythology.
    Orlando - Italian form of Roland. Famed throughout the land.
    Otello - Italian forms of Otto. Rich, prosperous.
    Othello - Prosperous.
    Ottavio - The eighth born.
    Pancrazio - Supreme ruler, all powerful
    Paolo - Italian form of Paul. Small.
    Piero - A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson.
    Pietro - A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson.
    Pino - A lover of horses. From the name names such as Filippo. See Philip.
    Primo - First one.
    Raffaele - God heals, or healed by God.
    Raul - The counsel of the wolf. A fearless adviser. Also see Rolf and Rudolph.
    Rinaldo - A wise and powerful ruler. Also see Reginald, Reynold and Ronson.
    Rocco - Rest
    Roderigo - A renowned ruler.
    Rodolfo - A famous wolf. Also see Ralph and Rolf.
    Rodrigo - A renowned ruler.
    Romeo - Pilgrim to Rome.
    Salvatore - Saviour.
    Sansone - Of the sun, or a strong man.
    Santo - A saint
    Saviero - Of the new house.
    Serafino From Hebrew. The ardent one. The masculine form of Seraphina.
    Serge - Servant.
    Sergio - Attendant.
    Severino - Severe.
    Stephano - A crown or garland. Also see Stevenson and Stinson.
    Taddeo - Courageous, one who praises.
    Tancredo - Of thoughtful counsel.
    Trilby - Sings with trills. A boy or girl's name.
    Ugo - Italian form of Hugh. Heart and mind.
    Umberto - A famous warrior.
    Valentino - Strong, healthy.
    Vencentio - Conqueror, victor.
    Vincentio - Conqueror, victor.
    Vittore - The conqueror. Also see Vincent.
    Zanebono - The good one.
    Zanipolo - little gift of God.

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