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Spanish Baby Boy Names

Spanish baby boy names and their meaning

    Abejundio - Relating to the abaje (bee)
    Alejandro - Form of Alexander
    Alvaro - Just or Wise
    Amador - Lover
    Amato - Beloved
    Amistad - Friendship
    Carlito, Carlos - Form of Charles
    Castel - Belonging to a castle
    Caton - Knowledgable, wise
    Chale - Strong and manly
    Cheche - Form of Joseph
    Chico - Boy
    Ciro - The sun
    Colon - Dove
    Concepcion - Fertile one, mother, father of nations
    Consuelo - Consolation
    Cordero - Little Lamb
    Cortez - Conqueror
    Devante - Fighter of wrong
    Diego - The suplanter
    Emilio - Winning one, or flatterer
    Enrique - Form of Henry
    Esteban - Crown
    Fidel - Faithful and sincere
    Fonda - Profound, well-based
    Galeno - Little bright one
    Gaspar - Master of treasure
    Giacinto, Jacinto - Hyacinth
    Iago - Supplanter
    Isidro - Spanish Boy
    Javier - New House Owner
    Jose - Form of Joseph
    Juan - Form of John
    Juancarlos - Combination of Juan and Carlos
    Manuel - God is with us
    Marcos - Form of Marcus
    Miguel - Form of Michael
    Nero - Stern
    Neron - Strong, stern
    Noe - Peace, rest
    Oleos - Holy oil used in church
    Pablo - Form of Paul
    Paco - Pald eagle; a free man - Native American, Spanish Boy
    Paz - Solitary
    Pedro - Form of Peter
    Pepe - Form of Joseph
    Rico - Noble ruler
    Rogelio - Beautiful one
    Salvador - Saviour
    Santiago - Supplanter
    Santos - Of the Saints
    Senon - Given life by Zeus
    Tajo - Day
    Vidal - Form of Vitas
    Vitas - Life, full of life
    Ximen - Obedient
    Zenon - Living

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